AudienceView Professional: Saving time and simplifying business at Antaeus Theatre Company

Antaeus was a giant in Greek mythology. He was incredibly strong and undefeated in combat – as long as he maintained a physical connection to the earth. This symbolic figure inspired the name for Antaeus Theatre Company, which was founded in 1991 as a project of the prestigious Center Theatre Group. The co-founders brought together […]

DCPA Off-Center puts attendees at the center of the story

Denver Center for the Performing Arts is proving William Shakespeare was right when he said, “All the world’s a stage.” The organization is quickly gaining a reputation for its signature Off-Center programming which, according to Emily Kent, Director of Marketing, “is all about pushing the boundaries.” DCPA has held several successful Off-Center events to date, […]

Respecting customer pronouns in live entertainment

By: Kara Parkinson (She/Her) In times past, addressing formal notes and letters had a very standard protocol. Authors like Emily Post, who was famous for writing about etiquette, provided very specific recommendations that society dutifully followed. As we evolve, our desire for formality can conflict with our need to demonstrate respect for customers and supporters […]

Unobstructed: Navigating COVID-19 (EP. 1)

The first episode of the Unobstructed podcast features a conversation between AudienceView’s CMO Mike Evenson and CEO Mark Fowlie. They discuss how our industry is navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, from the sudden absence of live events to how quickly organizations have rallied in this moment of crisis.  They share things they are seeing that make […]

Unobstructed: Ticketing hugs #INTIXHugs (EP. 2)

AudienceView’s CMO Mike Evenson is joined by INTIX CEO Maureen Andersen. An industry veteran, community leader and mentor to so many ticketing professionals, Maureen shares her very unique vantage point on these unprecedented times. They discuss the effect of the COVID-19 crisis on the entertainment industry and the ways that this interruption will have a […]

11 fundraising best practices when the shows can’t go on

Arts and culture organizations often talk about creating loyal donors. Ditto for colleges and universities that work to maintain relationships with alumni and other supporters. Perhaps it’s time we flipped that thinking on its head – is it about the donor being loyal to you or your organization being loyal to the donor? In today’s […]

Coronavirus: impact on the live events Industry

Lire en FrançaisThe World Health Organization has declared the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) a pandemic. As the viral disease continues to spread around the world, it is having a profound impact on the live events industry.Many local and national government agencies are advising against or outright banning all non-essential public gatherings, putting live events organizations in the […]

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