Unobstructed: Precedent for an Unprecedented Situation (EP. 6)

Mike Evenson was joined by Byron Harrison, the leader of Charcoalblue’s global acoustics practice. They discussed Byron’s recent paper, Performance Buildings in the Post-Pandemic World, which focuses on the changes venues will need to consider when artists and audiences return. They take a look back in history at how theaters confronted the challenges presented by […]

Unobstructed: The Ritz-Carlton Experience w/ Antonia Hock (EP. 11)

Antonia Hock, Global Head of The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center, joined Mike Evenson on episode 11 of the Unobstructed podcast. They discussed Ritz-Carlton’s status as a culture-first and customer-centric organization that empowers its employees to innovate and create unforgettable experiences. Antonia shared why all staff members carry the Ritz-Carlton Credo Card and how it represents the […]

Unobstructed: The Patrons’ Perspective (EP. 13)

TheaterMania’s Publisher Rosemary Maggiore joined Mike Evenson for episode 13 of the Unobstructed podcast. They discussed the key findings from the recent survey of more than 5,000 members of the TheaterMania community.The Patrons’ Perspective: An Overview of the Impact of COVID-19 on the Behavior of Theater-goers, a report generated from the survey results, is available […]

Unobstructed: Spring Cleaning for Live Events Professionals (EP. 12)

Our host, Mike Evenson, delivers a solocast for episode 12 of the Unobstructed podcast. The episode is focused on spring cleaning for live events professionals, offering listeners ten things they can do to improve their business.Mike talks about the importance of getting to know your customers better, the need to periodically examine your tools and […]

Unobstructed: Broadway’s Next Act with Cristyne Nicholas (EP. 9)

Public Relations veteran Cristyne Nicholas joined Mike Evenson on episode 9 of the Unobstructed podcast. They talked about Cristyne’s role in rebuilding New York City’s $27 billion tourism industry following the tragic events of September 11th and the methodology that can be applied to our current economic crisis.They discussed the need to over-communicate so that […]

Unobstructed: Sports Business with Dr. Bill Sutton (EP. 5)

Dr. Bill Sutton joins Mike Evenson for episode 5 of the podcast to discuss the current state of the sports business industry. A self-described “prac-ademic,” Bill’s career has been a mix of teaching, consulting and high-profile sports marketing positions.They discuss the attributes needed to be a great leader remotely, how sports organizations can continue to […]

Database Cleaning: Set Your Organization up for Success

The sparkling clean fridge. The immaculately organized closet. The spotless garage.Spring cleaning is tedious, but leaves you with an endorphin-releasing sense of accomplishment. Spring is also a great time for you to dig into the deep, dark corners of your business and give your database a deep cleanse.All big database projects are intimidating. But, getting […]

What is bunching?

By: Nick Begley, Senior Marketing Manager at AudienceViewSocial distancing. Flattening the curve. Self-quarantine.We’ve been introduced to many new terms and phrases over the last several months in response to our current health crisis. Dare we say, an unprecedented amount of new terms?In fact, Merriam-Webster made an unscheduled update to its dictionary in March, adding these […]

“Yes, and…”

By: Nick Begley, Senior Marketing Manager at AudienceViewOur daily schedules and event calendars have been turned upside down.With perspective and information changing so rapidly during these  ̶u̶n̶p̶r̶e̶c̶e̶d̶e̶n̶t̶e̶d̶  unscripted times, arts organizations have had to improvise on a daily basis.The most successful organizations have adopted the first rule of improv – saying “Yes, and…” – as […]

API Success Story: The Fireside Dinner Theatre

At a Glance API was leveraged to allow the use of a universal gift card at three unique points of sale. Gift card balances accurately devalue in real-time with every customer swipe. Automation saves thousands of dollars per year and countless daily headaches. The Background Since 1964, The Fireside Dinner Theatre in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin […]

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