Five easy ways to drive patron engagement

With the rise of social media and mobile technology, patrons have come to expect a personalized and connected event experience. Delivering that experience isn’t easy. It requires a patron management strategy that keeps patrons engaged during and after your live event. The key to keeping engagement high is not just forming relationships but also nurturing […]

Building a lifelong relationship with young alumni takes time, commitment, effective communication and engagement

How many of us had good friends in college but lost track of them over the years? Relationships are more tenuous than we think. They appear solid when students share a common experience, when they see each other every day in class or on the playing surface. However these seemingly unbreakable bonds are often eroded by […]

Three ways to boost your renewal rate

The days of guaranteed 50% sales coming from subscriptions are over. Some AudienceView clients, like BroadwaySF, are navigating the changing demographics by getting ahead of this shift and have ceased the sale of subscriptions completely.That decision may not be for everyone. And, there are ways to boost your renewal rate.Putting on a show and getting people […]

The ‘undercover customer’ challenge

Going ‘undercover’ to experience your business from a different perspective isn’t new. If you don’t watch Undercover Boss – a TV show in which “high-level corporate execs leave the comfort of their offices and secretly take low-level jobs within their companies to find out how things really work and what their employees truly think of them” – […]

How to use online cross-sells to increase revenue for your live events organization

If you are not doing so already, using cross-sells is an ideal opportunity to increase revenues for your live events organization. What are cross-sells? In online sales, cross-sells are conducted by offering additional items to the customer during the purchase process. To illustrate the significance of this opportunity, an important stat to note is that Amazon […]

Want to Increase Donations at Your Live Events Organization? Here’s How!

Donations are a key revenue driver for many live events organizations. Does your development team want to increase individual giving? If your answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place. To illustrate the importance of donor support, according to TCG Theatre Facts, contributed income accounted for 43% of total income for the average theatre in 2017. As […]

Respecting customer pronouns in live entertainment

By: Kara Parkinson (She/Her) In times past, addressing formal notes and letters had a very standard protocol. Authors like Emily Post, who was famous for writing about etiquette, provided very specific recommendations that society dutifully followed. As we evolve, our desire for formality can conflict with our need to demonstrate respect for customers and supporters […]

Five things you should consider selling to your single ticket buyers

By: Mike Evenson, CMO at AudienceView Every year, organizations get an influx of customers purchasing single tickets for the upcoming season. This grouping of customers will be a combination of brand new customers who have never purchased from you before or customers that have been dormant due to your annual sales cycle. When that happens, […]

Unobstructed: Head, Heart & Gut with James Mackenzie Blackman (Ep. 7)

James Mackenzie-Blackman, CEO of Eden Court, joins Mike Evenson on the podcast to discuss how his organization has continued to engage with its patrons, re-vectored staff and technology to help their community and collaborated with peer arts groups in the Scottish Highlands. James stressed the importance of blocking out all of the noise and clinging […]

Unobstructed: Navigating COVID-19 (EP. 1)

The first episode of the Unobstructed podcast features a conversation between AudienceView’s CMO Mike Evenson and CEO Mark Fowlie. They discuss how our industry is navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, from the sudden absence of live events to how quickly organizations have rallied in this moment of crisis.  They share things they are seeing that make […]

Unobstructed: Precedent for an Unprecedented Situation (EP. 6)

Mike Evenson was joined by Byron Harrison, the leader of Charcoalblue’s global acoustics practice. They discussed Byron’s recent paper, Performance Buildings in the Post-Pandemic World, which focuses on the changes venues will need to consider when artists and audiences return. They take a look back in history at how theaters confronted the challenges presented by […]

Unobstructed: The Ritz-Carlton Experience w/ Antonia Hock (EP. 11)

Antonia Hock, Global Head of The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center, joined Mike Evenson on episode 11 of the Unobstructed podcast. They discussed Ritz-Carlton’s status as a culture-first and customer-centric organization that empowers its employees to innovate and create unforgettable experiences. Antonia shared why all staff members carry the Ritz-Carlton Credo Card and how it represents the […]

Unobstructed: Peel it Back with Jesse Cole (EP. 18)

Mike Evenson was joined by Jesse Cole on episode 18 of the Unobstructed podcast. Jesse is the founder of Fans First Entertainment and the owner of the Savannah Bananas, where their mission is Fans First, Entertainment Always.They discussed the importance of getting people’s attention, making small bets, not fearing failure, obsessively focusing on the event […]

Unobstructed: The Future of College Campuses (EP. 17)

Mike Evenson was joined by Kelsey Harmon Finn, CEO of the National Association of College Auxiliary Services, on episode 17 of the Unobstructed podcast. Kelsey, a 20-year veteran in higher education and association management, was on the campuses of UC Berkeley, UNLV and Illinois State University before joining NACAS as CEO in 2015. Kelsey talked […]

Unobstructed: Growing Bolder with Marc Middleton (EP. 16)

Mike Evenson was joined by Marc Middleton, founder and CEO of Growing Bolder, on episode 16 of the Unobstructed podcast. Marc is a media entrepreneur, Emmy Award-winning television journalist, author, filmmaker, speaker, activist and consultant who focuses on the changing culture of aging.Marc discussed his organization’s mission to re-brand aging, how organizations should communicate with […]

Unobstructed: Rob Williams, Chief Product Officer at AudienceView (EP. 15)

Our guest for episode 15 is Rob Williams, Chief Product Officer at AudienceView. Rob joined our host, Mike Evenson, to discuss the changing landscape and continued evolution of the live events industry. They talked about the acceleration of AudienceView’s strategic innovation plan, the transition from a product view to a platform view and the ability […]

Unobstructed: The Patrons’ Perspective (EP. 13)

TheaterMania’s Publisher Rosemary Maggiore joined Mike Evenson for episode 13 of the Unobstructed podcast. They discussed the key findings from the recent survey of more than 5,000 members of the TheaterMania community.The Patrons’ Perspective: An Overview of the Impact of COVID-19 on the Behavior of Theater-goers, a report generated from the survey results, is available […]

Unobstructed: Spring Cleaning for Live Events Professionals (EP. 12)

Our host, Mike Evenson, delivers a solocast for episode 12 of the Unobstructed podcast. The episode is focused on spring cleaning for live events professionals, offering listeners ten things they can do to improve their business.Mike talks about the importance of getting to know your customers better, the need to periodically examine your tools and […]

Unobstructed: Broadway’s Next Act with Cristyne Nicholas (EP. 9)

Public Relations veteran Cristyne Nicholas joined Mike Evenson on episode 9 of the Unobstructed podcast. They talked about Cristyne’s role in rebuilding New York City’s $27 billion tourism industry following the tragic events of September 11th and the methodology that can be applied to our current economic crisis.They discussed the need to over-communicate so that […]

Unobstructed: Sports Business with Dr. Bill Sutton (EP. 5)

Dr. Bill Sutton joins Mike Evenson for episode 5 of the podcast to discuss the current state of the sports business industry. A self-described “prac-ademic,” Bill’s career has been a mix of teaching, consulting and high-profile sports marketing positions.They discuss the attributes needed to be a great leader remotely, how sports organizations can continue to […]

Unobstructed: Crawl. Walk. Stream. (EP. 4)

Disruption often leads to innovation. With stay-at-home orders in place for many parts of the world, businesses and communities have turned to live streaming as a conduit to reach their customers. Rudy J. Ellis, founder and CEO of Switchboard Live, joins the Unobstructed podcast to discuss how organizations can leverage live video to share their content, engage […]

Unobstructed: House seats (EP. 3)

Broadway theaters went dark on March 12 when government officials enacted new restrictions in an attempt to curb the spread of COVID-19. Our friends at TheaterMania, Rosemary Maggiore, Publisher (@RoeMaggiore) and David Gordon, Senior Features Reporter (@MrDavidGordon), join AudienceView’s CMO Mike Evenson to share their viewpoints on how theater is staying alive during these uncertain times […]

Unobstructed: Ticketing hugs #INTIXHugs (EP. 2)

AudienceView’s CMO Mike Evenson is joined by INTIX CEO Maureen Andersen. An industry veteran, community leader and mentor to so many ticketing professionals, Maureen shares her very unique vantage point on these unprecedented times. They discuss the effect of the COVID-19 crisis on the entertainment industry and the ways that this interruption will have a […]

6 creative ways to engage homebound kids

The brand affinity established during childhood paves the way to lifelong relationships between organizations and its most loyal customers. Nurturing this relationship over many years requires businesses to think long-term, while delivering value in the here and now.A typical cradle-to-grave strategy includes events and programs focused on your youngest demographic – children aged 12 and […]

Database Cleaning: Set Your Organization up for Success

The sparkling clean fridge. The immaculately organized closet. The spotless garage.Spring cleaning is tedious, but leaves you with an endorphin-releasing sense of accomplishment. Spring is also a great time for you to dig into the deep, dark corners of your business and give your database a deep cleanse.All big database projects are intimidating. But, getting […]

Our next chapter at AudienceView

By: Mark Fowlie, CEO of AudienceView 2020. What a strange year it’s been for the world and for the live events industry. Never have we seen our industry be put on pause so dramatically as has occurred during COVID. Even as announcements are made that drive reopening plans around the world, there’s no doubt things […]

What is bunching?

By: Nick Begley, Senior Marketing Manager at AudienceViewSocial distancing. Flattening the curve. Self-quarantine.We’ve been introduced to many new terms and phrases over the last several months in response to our current health crisis. Dare we say, an unprecedented amount of new terms?In fact, Merriam-Webster made an unscheduled update to its dictionary in March, adding these […]

Igniting Passion & Cultivating Loyalty

Arts organizations are in the business of producing memorable audience experiences. These no longer start with the curtain rising or end after the last note. Today, they are born from event discovery on your website through until an attendee raves about their experience to friends.On top of showcasing stellar arts programming, your organization’s patron engagement […]

“Yes, and…”

By: Nick Begley, Senior Marketing Manager at AudienceViewOur daily schedules and event calendars have been turned upside down.With perspective and information changing so rapidly during these  ̶u̶n̶p̶r̶e̶c̶e̶d̶e̶n̶t̶e̶d̶  unscripted times, arts organizations have had to improvise on a daily basis.The most successful organizations have adopted the first rule of improv – saying “Yes, and…” – as […]

11 fundraising best practices when the shows can’t go on

Arts and culture organizations often talk about creating loyal donors. Ditto for colleges and universities that work to maintain relationships with alumni and other supporters. Perhaps it’s time we flipped that thinking on its head – is it about the donor being loyal to you or your organization being loyal to the donor? In today’s […]

Coronavirus: impact on the live events Industry

Lire en FrançaisThe World Health Organization has declared the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) a pandemic. As the viral disease continues to spread around the world, it is having a profound impact on the live events industry.Many local and national government agencies are advising against or outright banning all non-essential public gatherings, putting live events organizations in the […]

Fans for Life: The Importance of Kids Clubs in College Athletics

Attendance at college athletics events is declining. Even the juggernaut that is college football is in a slow, but steady downward spiral – with attendance at its lowest point in 22 years. It’s hard to deny the benefits of the living room experience: free parking, ice cold beer in your own fridge, clean bathrooms, 4K ultra […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Gameday Experience

Gameday is special and unforgettable. It’s a chance to forget the real world and watch something amazing unfold – whether you’re at the game or cheering from your couch.Schools, teams and organizations put unbelievable focus and energy into creating an unforgettable gameday experience, doing everything they can to ensure fans have a great time and […]

In Conversation: Rosemary Maggiore, Chief Operating Officer/Publisher, AudienceView Media Division

I am a senior digital business and marketing executive with a passion for creating great experiences for theatergoers through content, membership clubs and ticketing. I’ve been leading digital businesses for 20 years; before that I worked in direct mail and database marketing. As Vice President, Consumer Brands at AudienceView, my role is to ensure continuing […]

I Don’t Know How To Put This, But I’m Kind of a Big Deal

By: Mathew McLarnon, Product Marketing Manager at AudienceView On a recent business trip I was chuffed to discover that I was our hotel’s “Guest of the Day”! Despite being a marketer myself, at the time I was pretty taken and didn’t even realize I had become the victim of a “Surprise and Delight”. For the […]

10 Ways AudienceView Unlimited Increases Operational Efficiency for Ticketing Leaders

A single, integrated system keeps the entire external team in the know. Collaborate with colleagues in other departments on shared campaigns, like season ticket renewals, promotional packages and fundraising campaigns without adding work to your plate. Make the right offer to the right fan at the right time. With all customer information stored in one […]

Using Microsites to Drive Messaging and Target Special Groups

At AVConnect 2019, AudienceView Unlimited’s annual users conference, we hosted a panel to showcase how performing arts organizations can use microsites to drive branding efforts and ticket sales.The participants were:David Cushing – VP, Ticketing at SHNChristina Pryor – Ticketing System Administration Manager at Opry Entertainment GroupMorgan Wedge – Chief Solutions Officer at TixiT Ticket CompanyBefore […]

Roundtable: How AudienceView Unlimited College Athletics Ticketing Leaders are Increasing Fan Engagement

Curious how your peers are increasing fan engagement and revenue in college athletics?We’ve enlisted expert tips and opinions from ticketing leaders at several AudienceView Unlimited clients.Here, they share what they’re doing to achieve success and reveal the technology trends they see impacting our industry, now and in the future.What are you doing to get fans […]

The Perfect Suite of Customer Touchpoints

By: Kara Parkinson, Customer Acquisition, Retention & Growth at AudienceView The customer touchpoint – any act of communication between organization and customer – comes in many different forms for entertainment venues. Your pre-show emails, website and phone calls may be early interactions, but it doesn’t end there. ‘Magic moments’ can happen in many ways. There […]

AudienceView: Our Company Values

By: Lawrence Franco, COO at AudienceView Live events organizations across all genres are always looking ahead and preparing for the future. It doesn’t matter if you’re in performing arts, sports, music or another area of entertainment. What does matter is the overall experience you bring to your audiences and the unforgettable memories that this creates. […]

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