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The role of technology in reopening SUNY Oswego

The campus experience is vastly different than it was a year or even six months ago. Large gatherings are forever changed and campuses are faced with finding a solution to a complex situation. To build trust with staff, faculty, students and parents, the higher education community must solve the challenge of bunching.

What is bunching? It’s the not-so-technical term when you have facilities and spaces on campus that have no rules or process around access, capacity and flow. They’re usually first-come, first-serve and self-policed. The new campus experience must evolve and solve this problem.

Mask wearing, hand washing, physical distancing and other low-tech safety protocols are an incredibly important part of the solution, but technology plays a critical role.

This is why we created AudienceView Campus Flow, a solution designed to easily manage reservations and access to high traffic locations with an emphasis on personal safety and trust.

The State University of New York at Oswego, a college that is part of the 64-campus SUNY system, has implemented AudienceView Campus Flow for the start of the fall semester to serve as the core technology to help them re-open their campus in the safest way possible.

SUNY Oswego selected AudienceView Campus Flow because it is a comprehensive, campus wide solution. “This is an ideal solution where we can go and utilize it in almost every space we have,” said Sean Moriarty, Chief Technology Officer at SUNY Oswego.

“It’s a very difficult time and things are changing so rapidly as we go along. The more we can be open and transparent and communicate to the people and to show them these solutions, the more faith that they’ll have,” said Moriarty, a 30+ year veteran in the area of campus technology. “And whatever happens, we’re going to address it.”

The campus leadership team at SUNY Oswego continues to be focused on creating a great student experience.

“We’re not going to just try to survive, we’re going to try to thrive and create a great student experience. While it’s different and unique from any experience that a student might have, this is still their experience and this is all of our experience,” added Moriarty. “And for a lot of us, this is how we’re going to remember portions of our career and how we stepped up and dealt with the issues that we had.”

We invite you to view our webinar to learn more about how Sean Moriarty and the team at SUNY Oswego arrived at the decision to implement AudienceView Campus Flow.

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