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Envision the typical day of your students. From morning to evening, students are constantly entering and exiting dining halls, the student center, the library and various other crowded locations.

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Mary, Student
Meet Mary. She's a graduate student living in residence.
9:00 AM
Starting her day, Mary heads to dining hall to grab breakfast during her pre-booked pick-up window for 9:15 AM​
9:16 AM
Entering the dining hall, Mary scans in using her student ID card
9:20 AM
Mary scans back out as she leave the dining hall, making her way across campus to her booked 9:30 AM lab time
9:30 AM
Entering the lab building - Mary's student card is lost in the bottom of her bag somewhere, so she scans in using her mobile phone
12:20 PM
Lunchtime; Mary heads over to the cafeteria for her reserved time window
12:40 PM
Mary scans in to the cafeteria, grabs some food, and sits at her pre-determined seat to finish up a reading​
12:50 PM
Remembering she needs another reference book, Mary quickly books and hour slot at the library while she finishes up lunch
1:40 PM
Marry scans out of the cafeteria and make her way over to the library for her reservation time
2:00 PM
Arriving at the library, Mary scans in and heads over to her designated cubicle
3:05 PM
Scanning out of the library, Mary quickly pick-ups a coffee with her student card, and heads back to residence
3:15 PM
On the way back to residence, she notices the atrium has some space, so she finishes up her studying there before heading home
7:00 PM
Mary scans into the dining hall and head to a table her and her friends have all reserved spots at They may be social distanced, but its still nice to see each other and catch up in person
8:45 PM
Following dinner, Mary scans out of the dining hall, and heads over to the gym for her 9:00 PM workout
9:00 PM
Scanning into the gym, its a refreshing change for Mary to be able to run her circuits without any delays or interruptions as compared to last year
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