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Sports organizations have been competing for discretionary entertainment dollars for many years. 

The original battles pitted them against movie theaters, performing arts centers and concert venues. Add to that, the advent and adoption of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and (more recently) Disney+.

The at-home experience – which boasts 70-inch Ultra HD televisions, cold beers at grocery store prices and free parking – has also become a very popular way to spend gamedays.

It’s not lost on athletic directors and sports industry executives that the competition is fierce.

In response, the focus has shifted to a need to create an incredible experience for your fans for the entirety of their journey. The best performing sports organizations obsess about stages and steps that may have been overlooked in the past, like the ticket purchase flow, flexible packages that meet the needs of different fan segments and a fully-branded online consumer experience.

Here are five features in AudienceView Professional that are highly-valued by our high-performing sports clients:

Universal Shopping Cart

Gone are the days of a fan coming to your website to purchase tickets to a single event. 

As online shopping has evolved, fans now expect a true shopping cart experience that allows them to purchase tickets, merchandise, parking and make a donation in a single transaction.

Not only does AudienceView Professional allow you to sell these different items in the same transaction, the solution gives you the ability to upsell your fans additional items based on what they already have in their shopping cart. If they add football season tickets to their cart, for example, offer them a parking pass and an opportunity to donate to a fundraising campaign that supports the building of a new practice facility.

AudienceView Professional eliminates barriers to purchase, resulting in a better fan experience and exponential revenue growth.

Flexible Packages

While the death of the season ticket has been debated for many years, it’s still a product that many fans buy annually to ensure their same seat and time-tested gameday routine.

The season-long commitment, both in terms of cost and time, is challenging for some fans. Sports organizations that use AudienceView Professional have responded by adding a full roster of flexible packages to their inventory to better cater to their different fan segments.

Some clients offer more traditional 4-game mini-plans, while others offer Taco Tuesday packages that include a game ticket and voucher for a taco. The creation of these flexible packages is only limited by your team’s creativity.


Sports fans represent one of the most passionate and committed groups in the live entertainment industry. Their monetary support extends beyond tickets and t-shirts, with big donations made to fund capital projects and smaller gifts that help cover things like financial aid for student-athletes.

AudienceView Professional delivers a robust fundraising suite as a part of our ticketing solution. In fact, hundreds of nonprofits have opted to replace multiple systems, including standalone fundraising tools, with AudienceView Professional. They quickly realize that a single system allows them to be more successful, through a combination of incremental donations and cost savings from using fewer solutions – all while contributing to the organizational strategy of creating a single customer view.

Our clients can create an unlimited number of fully customized fundraising programs, from micro-giving campaigns that are used during ticket sales all the way to endowments that preserve the future of their organization. They can easily configure one-time gifts and recurring donations, while also supporting pledges, soft credits and matching gifts.

This type of flexibility and customization allows you to create campaigns that are tailored to your organization, helping your fundraisers reach their goals more efficiently.

White Label Branding

There’s no denying the importance of your brand and how it helps build an emotional connection with your fans. Your logo and colors motivate people to cheer, sing and spend.

AudienceView Professional is a white label solution that allows you to put your brand front and center by seamlessly customizing elements of the online purchase experience (across all devices), e-tickets, confirmation emails and more. When the entire user experience is properly branded, buyer confidence increases and cart abandonment rates drop.

Having this type of control over your branding will make your fans feel even more connected to your organization as they purchase tickets, merchandise and make donations.

Box Office Efficiency

Creating and sustaining an efficient box office is admittedly not very glamorous. However, as a sports organization, it can be one of the most important things you do.

AudienceView Professional, lauded by box office veterans, interns and student workers alike, includes standard features that make things easy for both staff and fans:

  • Intuitive event builder – seamlessly create new events, configure seating and set prices.
  • QuickSell+ functionality – enable box office staff to process ticket sales in just a few easy steps. 
  • Mobile-responsive interface – allow fans to easily browse and buy tickets on their mobile phones.

You also have the ability to define system permissions by user group. That way your super users can have full access to the system, your marketers can only access marketing features and your gameday staff can only sell tickets.

These box office efficiencies allow your organization to spend less time managing the business and more time focusing on new ways to generate revenue and engage your fans.

Let’s Get Started

We believe that AudienceView Professional is a great fit for your organization and could not be more excited about a potential partnership. Sports organizations have a unique and innovative operation that naturally aligns with AudienceView Professional’s current business model and long-term goals. Our team is ready and able to help you make the transition and help you successfully kickoff your upcoming season

To learn more about AudienceView Professional, we invite you to take a look HERE.

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