Equity, diversity and inclusion at AudienceView

Our commitment

AudienceView is committed to enhancing workplace diversity and fostering a workplace that is representative of the population it works in. A diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace benefits employees by allowing them to feel valued for their differences and creates equal opportunities for advancement.


All AudienceView employees are provided the same access to programs, services, opportunities, and facilities. 

AudienceView promotes equity by:

  • Proactively identifying and removing systemic and historical barriers.
  • Removing discriminations, disadvantages, exclusions, inequalities and injustices faced by particular communities.
  • Fighting against persistent and disproportionate adverse impacts in terms of social, economic, political and health related issues.


AudienceView actively participates in the promotion and understanding of people’s differences. This can be along the dimensions of:

  • Age.
  • Caregiver status.
  • Gender identity.
  • Sexual orientation.
  • Neurodiversity.
  • Education.
  • Physical disabilities/differences.
  • Race, ethnicity or nationality.
  • Religious or spiritual affiliation. 
  • Socio-economic upbringing.



We believe in respecting and valuing the differences that employees bring, and ensure that everyone, regardless of their differences, has the opportunity to effect change in our organization. 

Our vision for inclusion is an organization that has: 

  • Equity in Representation.
  • Equity in Participation.
  • Equity in Decision Making.
  • Equity in Incorporation.
  • Equity in Recognition.

Our progress, at a glance

AudienceView is committed to identifying and removing barriers for diverse employees in recruitment, advancement and retention. The employee-led AudienceView EDI Council helps to steer and promote EDI-related decisions for the company.

All employees
Senior Leadership

Land Acknowledgement

We at AudienceView are committed to learning and acknowledging the historic oppression of Indigenous Peoples. In the spirit and intent of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s recommendations, AudienceView acknowledges the traditional Indigenous territories on which we gather at the beginning of all Company-wide meetings and public events. Through these land acknowledgments and continued learnings, we hope to better understandhonorand pay respect to the long and rich history of Indigenous Peoples.

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