AudienceView Correspondence Application v1.0

The AudienceView ticketing solution is divided into several different applications that perform different areas of functionality forming the suite. The AudienceView Correspondence Application is an optional part of the AudienceView Subscription Service

Correspondence Application

The Correspondence application allows you to configure email messages to be sent to select customers. Once the message is sent, a correspondence record is placed on the customer record against the customer record. Customer correspondence records are also able to be searched and viewed.

  • Search for existing customer correspondence records based on select criteria
  • View the details of individual correspondence records on customers
  • Search for existing messages
  • Create email messages (to be sent to customers via email) and internal messages (to be sent to customers Message Centers within their online accounts)
  • Create and update messages for delivery to select customers from a delivery list
  • Select additional communication/marketing preference filters
  • Create the content of a message using a rich-text editor
  • Build direct links in messages to select on-sale performances, bundles, miscellaneous items, stored value items, gifts or articles
    • Link Names can be defined to categorize the embedded links
    • Link Names can be pulled through Business Intelligence
  • Insert data tags to personalize the message (e.g. include customer in salutation)
  • Send test message to ensure the layout is correct when delivered
  • Preview the message
  • Schedule the message once or on a periodic basis

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