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Three ways to boost your renewal rate

The days of guaranteed 50% sales coming from subscriptions are over. 

Some AudienceView clients, like BroadwaySF, are navigating the changing demographics by getting ahead of this shift and have ceased the sale of subscriptions completely.

That decision may not be for everyone. And, there are ways to boost your renewal rate.

Putting on a show and getting people into your theater can easily be a short-term fling that lasts one night. Your patrons must be incentivized to commit to a long term relationship. 

But, how? There’s no one-size-fits-all solution that will appeal to every patron. 

You need to be mindful of what each of them is searching for. 

AudienceView helps you do that by allowing performing arts centers to provide special offers to a specific audience at the right time in that customer’s journey. 

Here are three specific ways your organization can boost your renewal rate by taking advantage of the features in AudienceView.

1. Use dynamic content to make the right sale

With AudienceView, when your patrons visit your site you’re able to promote various additional products and offers that are displayed based on individual customer preferences. This allows you to create personalized patron relationship.

2. Give incentives for loyalty

Make use of a variety of membership programs to increase the number of patron segments your company engages with. This will in turn increase overall annual donations.

3. Make the right offer

Not everyone wants the same subscription package. When launching your season renewal campaign, you want to be able to meet all your campaign milestone dates so you don’t put your renewal rate at risk. Offer guests bundles, utilities, and special offers to create custom season ticket packages.

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