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AudienceView launches AudienceView Campus Flow to create a safer student experience in a COVID-19 impacted world

Demand is urgent for a solution that allows students to safely and easily use high-traffic campus facilities when schools reopen.

TORONTO, Ontario – June 2, 2020 – AudienceView, the market leader in providing campus ticketing solutions that integrate seamlessly with other critical university systems, today launched AudienceView Campus Flow, a new packaged offering designed to help higher education institutions manage capacity in spaces where students congregate, enhancing safety and supporting physical distancing measures.

“With over 900 higher education clients, AudienceView is uniquely positioned to understand and address the new challenges that campuses face in a COVID-19 impacted world,” said Mark Fowlie, CEO of AudienceView. “The student experience must evolve with a greater emphasis on health and safety, which affects a large part of campus life that currently operates without limitations such as physical distancing. First-come, first-serve facilities such as dining halls, libraries, gyms, laboratories and more must shift to a new model that limits capacity and access based on our new reality.”

AudienceView has specifically designed, built, packaged and launched AudienceView Campus Flow to assist campus operations with this unprecedented and complex situation. Based on requests and input from existing higher education clients, a clear need was identified to manage the flow of people and enhance safety on campus, which our solution is uniquely positioned to address. Some of the many features that will aid in this process and enhance student safety include:

  • Almost any campus space or facility (with specified points of entry) can be identified and configured to support student in-and-out privileges based on rules defined by each individual institution;
    • Physical distancing can be incorporated into high-traffic spaces such as cafeterias, laboratories or study spaces;
    • Time-based entry can be introduced to popular areas such as gymnasiums and student unions;
  • Rules can incorporate student attributes such as class, major, dorm and more to ensure the right access is granted at the right time;
  • Campus authentication systems integrate immediately with AudienceView Campus Flow, massively simplifying the experience for students;
  • Contactless access, leveraging physical campus ID cards or the AudienceView Digital ID solution, easily manages the flow in and out of these spaces, ensuring a safe environment for everyone; and,
  • Student flow tracking reports are easily accessible for any area where students ‘tap’ in and out, supporting the administration’s understanding of where students may have been in contact with each other.

“As soon as COVID-19 wreaked havoc on the campus experience, we started looking at ways that our software could be used to solve these emerging needs,” adds Fowlie. “Our AudienceView Campus product has a core design that allowed us to quickly build a new solution to provide a transformed experience that every institution will need to adopt should they want to bring students back this fall. We’re extremely excited about how much this is going to help higher education safely reopen their campus.”

AudienceView’s Campus Flow product is easy to use and takes very little effort to implement on any campus. A simple pricing model has been designed based on campus enrollment size and anticipated usage. AudienceView Campus Flow comes pre-configured and includes hardware for entry/exit points for rapid deployment.

On June 10, 2020 at 1:00 pm EDT, AudienceView will be hosting an introductory webinar for any school interested in learning more about AudienceView Campus Flow. Visit to learn more.

“We want people to feel safe in their daily lives as quickly as possible and we know how special the university experience is for students,” said Mike Evenson, CMO of AudienceView. “We feel strongly that this new offering will not only raise the confidence level of everyone involved, but will have a truly positive impact on enhancing the ability for universities to provide the safe and healthy environment required by a next-generation campus.”

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