A closer look at how ticketing works on AudienceView Professional

Ticketing overview

AudienceView Professional tackles the complexity of running a live events organization and breaks down silos by providing you with a single tool that supports all of your functions.

Easily manage all your ticketing, fundraising, CRM and data, and marketing with one, easy to use and reliable solution.

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Fast Checkouts

More than ever, customers are looking for a fast checkout. With our guest check out feature, you are able to provide a quick ticket or donation checkout to delight your customers.

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Membership and Benefits

Your members and loyal customers are important to you. With AudienceView Professional, providing them with perks and special offers is easy.

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Per Seat Pricing

Change the price of any seat for any event at any time.With our drag and drop tool, adjust your pricing or use pricing templates to make changes in seconds.

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Timed Entry

Running a timed entry event or exhibit is easy with AudienceView Professional. Multiple entry times per day, seat selection, and capacity control are just a few of our powerful timed entry features. Purchasing single or group tickets is quick and provides a great customer experience.

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Refund Protection and New Revenue

Create peace of mind for your customers and eliminate time-consuming refund requests. Plus, earn new revenue from every sale.

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Class Registration

Easily set up, create, and manage classes. Provide an intuitive customer flow and checkout experience.

Other key features to explore

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