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Advertising is easy when you tap into an audience ready, willing and able to buy tickets to your event. Advertising on TheaterMania and other AudienceView consumer sites is a breeze with our self-serve tool.


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Why advertise on TheaterMania?

Effective digital marketing is essential to create successful events for your organization. The days of generic advertising aimed at the masses are over. You must be targeted.

That’s where we come in. By advertising on TheaterMania, you are cutting the noise and focusing on finding an audience that is predisposed to attending events. With our self-serve advertising solution, you can further focus your target audience to match attributes specific to live events and launch your campaign with ease.

Ultimately, you’ll either spend less because targeting the right audience is easier OR you’ll spend the same and grow your audience even more. Either way, tapping into our audience will give you that leg up you need compared to other generic marketing channels.

All shapes and sizes

With a wide variety of advertising space across, you are sure to find something that fits your needs. We support most popular IAB standards that allow you to repurpose ads used elsewhere or design the perfect unique ad for our audience.

Tap into the power of TheaterMania is one of the most prominent online communities that gather theater enthusiasts together to celebrate live events across North America. With millions of subscribers and thousands of event listings nationwide, it is THE place to find your next event.

From start to success in 3 easy steps

Exclusive marketing benefits for AudienceView software clients

Part of the AudienceView family as one of our thousands of software clients? Lucky you. Our software clients get benefits that include exclusive discounts on advertising, streaming and access to our other services that no one else receives. That means more money for advertising, or savings in your pocket.

Frequently asked questions

We look forward to helping you grow your audience with highly targeted campaigns. Before you get started, please allow us to provide more information.

Go here to read more about AudienceView Campaign Manager and to create your account.

Because we approve all creative, we ask for a 48 hour turnaround.

At this time we are only accepting credit card payments.

Similar to a hotel booking, we charge your card the full amount when your campaign is booked and refund you if you cancel or if your campaign underdelivers.  To read more about how this works, please read the Terms and Conditions of our partner, Dan Ads.

You will be prompted for the coupon code at checkout.  You can only use it one time per organization and it must be used in a single order.  If you don’t use the full amount, there will not be a carry over balance. 

We allow geo-targeting, targeting by ad position and size, device (ie mobile, tablet), date range and time of day.

We recommend you go as broad as possible so you can test a wide range of respondents.  It’s tempting to drill down with the many targeting features we offer, but you may run the risk of not finding a large enough audience.   

ROS refers to Run of Site.  These ads will run throughout the site in any of the open positions offered as part of the ROS package.  ROS ads include 728x90, 300x250, 300x600 (on desktop and tablet) and 300x50 (on mobile).  You are welcome to upload any of the ad sizes included in ROS but do not need to upload all of them.  In other words, if you don’t have a creative in one of the sizes, that’s okay.  

A few notes on ROS:  1) You will need to upload each creative size individually.  So when you finish uploading one, you need to hit “Add Creative” to upload the next ad creative. 2) Your ads will rotate randomly during the time and with the targeting you selected until the campaign is complete.  That may mean more of one size runs and less of another.  If you prefer to control how many impressions are delivered per unit, do not select ROS and choose the units individually.

We approve all ads, so there is a 48 hour lead time before your ads will appear. After that, there  is a several hour time lag so you will not see your results in real time, but you will see them updated regularly.

Yes you can.  You can log into your account and go to the Dashboard to make your changes.

Yes you can.  Once you have uploaded your creative successfully, you will see a button where you can “Add Creative” to add more.

AudienceView built this platform with a partner called Dan Ads, a leader in the self-serve advertising community. The platform dials directly into our ad server, Google Ad Manager, so you are getting the exact same experience as our internal ad traffickers! The payment processing system we use is through Adyen.

You can always read more about this program in the Help Center provided by Dan Ads, or reach out to

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