Manage the flow of students across campus, safely

Bringing back students this fall? AudienceView Campus Flow was designed to easily manage student reservations and access to high traffic locations with an emphasis on personal safety and trust

We’re solving a problem that never existed… until now

We’ve entered uncharted territory when it comes to the campus experience. Large gatherings and interactions are forever changed and campuses are faced with finding a solution to a complex situation. To build trust with students (and parents), they must solve the challenge of bunching.

What is bunching? It’s the not-so-technical term when you have facilities and spaces on campus that have no rules or process around access, capacity and flow. They’re usually first-come, first-serve and are self-policed. A new campus experience must evolve and remove the bunching problem.

This is why we created AudienceView Campus Flow.

Campus tested and approved

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Features that make AudienceView Campus Flow unique


Time-based entry

Create and manage access windows for high traffic areas or other locations that require occupancy maximums or cleaning intervals.


Student ID integration

By integrating with your school’s authentication system, there’s no need for unique logins or passwords.


Student flow tracking

Easily track and report the flow of students into your facilities to quickly identify those in contact with or potentially exposed to anyone impacted.


Contactless access

Manage the flow in and out of your facilities with a simple barcode scan, ensuring the safety for everyone involved.

Now picture your campus...

Envision the typical day of your students. From morning to evening, students are constantly entering and exiting dining halls, the student center, the library and various other crowded locations.

Scroll through below to see all the areas where AudienceView Campus Flow will create a safer campus experience.

Mary, Student
Meet Mary. She's a graduate student living in residence.
9:00 AM
Starting her day, Mary heads to dining hall to grab breakfast during her pre-booked pick-up window for 9:15 AM​
9:16 AM
Entering the dining hall, Mary scans in using her student ID card
9:20 AM
Mary scans back out as she leave the dining hall, making her way across campus to her booked 9:30 AM lab time
9:30 AM
Entering the lab building - Mary's student card is lost in the bottom of her bag somewhere, so she scans in using her mobile phone
12:20 PM
Lunchtime; Mary heads over to the cafeteria for her reserved time window
12:40 PM
Mary scans in to the cafeteria, grabs some food, and sits at her pre-determined seat to finish up a reading​
12:50 PM
Remembering she needs another reference book, Mary quickly books and hour slot at the library while she finishes up lunch
1:40 PM
Marry scans out of the cafeteria and make her way over to the library for her reservation time
2:00 PM
Arriving at the library, Mary scans in and heads over to her designated cubicle
3:05 PM
Scanning out of the library, Mary quickly pick-ups a coffee with her student card, and heads back to residence
3:15 PM
On the way back to residence, she notices the atrium has some space, so she finishes up her studying there before heading home
7:00 PM
Mary scans into the dining hall and head to a table her and her friends have all reserved spots at They may be social distanced, but its still nice to see each other and catch up in person
8:45 PM
Following dinner, Mary scans out of the dining hall, and heads over to the gym for her 9:00 PM workout
9:00 PM
Scanning into the gym, its a refreshing change for Mary to be able to run her circuits without any delays or interruptions as compared to last year
See how Campus Flow could work on your campus

Use across any facility on campus

  • Cafeterias & restaurants

    Implement dining windows, to-go orders or both that ensure physical distancing rules and cleaning standards are met.

  • Library and study spaces

    Create time blocks and physical distancing for study periods that you can control to ensure student safety.

  • Recreation centers

    Manage fitness classes, access to exercise equipment or simply the number of students allowed into the gym at one time period.

  • Laboratories

    Set priorities around who can access labs at what times, maximizing the use of your facility while keeping proper separation.

Be the hero for your school with AudienceView Campus Flow

Create the campus experience that provides your students and their parents the trust to feel safe coming back to your school.

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