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Campus Flow is a mobile-friendly web-based solution. There’s no need for your users to download a mobile app, making the platform accessible to the widest array of devices regardless of operating system or device age.

Campus Flow is a standalone product. You may subscribe without licensing any other AudienceView solutions.

Once a contract is signed, it takes just 2-3 weeks to implement Campus Flow. There’s still plenty of time for a fall deployment.

Having worked in the higher education and e-commerce space for more than two decades, AudienceView is always cognizant of data privacy and security, and the safeguarding of your information is paramount.

While users interact with Campus Flow, their connection to the platform is encrypted with industry-standard TLS 1.2. While your data resides on our servers, it is encrypted with AES-256.

Finally, our contract explicitly states that user data remains owned by the institution, and prohibits AudienceView from sharing, selling or otherwise using your data for any purpose aside from supporting our relationship with you.

Campus Flow supports the registration and login of users outside of your campus community. These users will be prompted to create an account and password to gain access, and their status as general public may be used to limit their access only to open campus facilities like the library, fitness center or for campus tours.

Upon completing a reservation, these users will be provided both a mobile and printable pass for entry.

Use of magnetic stripes or ‘tap’ style cards require a physical touch to hardware. Because having a group of people touch hardware may increase the risk of illness or transmission, Campus Flow hardware was designed for contactless use at your facilities. As such, magnetic stripes and PROX/RFID/NFC ID cards are not supported. If your ID cards do not have a barcode, you may opt for our AudienceView Digital ID solution for the ultimate in convenience for your campus community.

Campus Flow offers a convenient AudienceView Digital ID card to all users. This mobile pass may be saved to a user’s Apple Wallet or Google Pay Wallet for convenience and may also be accessed from the Campus Flow portal. The Digital ID identifies the student uniquely upon scanning and grants them access in the same way a campus ID card would.

Facility administrators can control the time-window duration, recurrence schedule, limits, and availability dates and times at any time via the Campus Flow control panel. Each facility can be configured with its own advance reservation rules.

When a student makes their first reservation, they’ll be asked to opt-in to text message alerts. These may be configured by system administrators from the Campus Flow control panel to remind students of upcoming reservations, and to alert them when their time is up. The content of these messages, and the times relative to the time slot, are customizable per facility.

This may not serve to notify all students or staff in the facility, however, and it may be valuable to supplement with an obvious notification within the facility – a bell, the flashing of lights or other such notification that the time slot has ended.

Campus Flow is available to users from a desktop or laptop computer, or from their mobile device. Users without a mobile device will be free to make reservations from a computer but will be unable to use our AudienceView Digital ID for scanning upon arrival at the facility. Instead, they will need to present a barcoded campus ID card, or a printable pass.

Yes. Reporting available to you in Campus Flow will allow for reporting of no-shows for single facilities or in aggregate.

AudienceView Campus Flow allow the creation of sub-populations within your campus community. These isolate those students or staff to afford them unique or special access to campus facilities or control their limits different from other users on campus.

For example, you might configure a sub-population of student athletes. These users may be given access to a fitness center at special hours not available to the greater student population.

Students having an unlimited meal plan might be given access to make as many dining reservations as they’d like, where students on a limited meal plan might be constrained to a certain number of reservation slots per day.

AudienceView Campus Flow supports an unlimited number of administrative users, and each user may be configured with exclusive access to manage their own facilities without having access to the configuration of other spaces on campus.

Administrative access is provisioned by the designated ‘superusers’ on campus. These users will have the ability to grant and restrict the access of other users.

Our contactless access control hardware will come in two forms. One, a USB long-distance barcode scanner that will plug into a laptop or tablet provided by the institution, and the other, an all-in-one validation kiosk. Both solutions will support barcode validation from 12” or more to ensure a contactless interaction.

The USB barcode scanner will require a laptop or similar device for connectivity. The workstation will require internet access and electricity.

The all-in-one kiosk will require access to electricity and wi-fi. The device is Android-based, so connection to your wireless internet is easy, much like configuring your mobile phone. 4G/LTE connectivity is being explored for this hardware as well.

Yes! The contactless, self-service admission hardware used in Campus Flow will also be available to AudienceView Campus clients this fall. For more information, reach out to

Absolutely! Please find a one-sheet describing the features and use cases of Campus Flow here.

Of course. Please visit

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