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Master the business of live events with AudienceView Professional – the all-in-one event ticketing solution that helps connect more enthusiasts to your events.

AudienceView Professional is the better way to manage your live events

As the go-to ticketing, marketing and fundraising software that hundreds of organizations count on, AudienceView Professional (formerly known as OvationTix) is reliable, easy to use and can handle everything from the largest on-sales to helping you engage with important customers.

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Why choose AudienceView Professional

All-in-One Solution

Save time, create greater efficiency and enhance customer engagement with one platform that brings it all together.

Easy to Use

Intuitive and easy to navigate, AudienceView Professional simplifies the day to day so you can focus on your core business.

Engage New Audiences

Access high-traffic consumer websites where event listings help increase audience reach and engagement potential.

Extremely Reliable

With 99.9% uptime, AudienceView Professional keeps operations running smoothly no matter what’s happening with your business.

AudienceView Professional is now available in Canada.

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Ticketing with AudienceView Professional

From a branded customer buying experience to event ticket sales and fundraising, AudienceView Professional is your all-in-one ticketing, marketing, CRM and fundraising software

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CRM with AudienceView Professional

Having a CRM that connects seamlessly with your ticket sales and fundraising data is critical for any live event organization. With detailed ticket buyer and donor profiles, you can segment and run campaigns easily using your CRM data.

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Features and benefits

  • Boost Sales & Fundraising Revenue

    Convert one-time ticket buyers to loyal fans with flexible subscription packages, promotional codes and donation campaigns.

  • Enhance Audience Engagement

    Get to know your customers better through data, tagging, household management and segmentation to target offers and fundraising campaigns.

  • Streamline Your Box Office

    Get access to an intuitive software that’s easy for staff and volunteers to learn. Process walk-ups quickly with a few simple steps.

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    Understand your business better with reports that offer flexible filtering for easy automation and exporting.

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Sales and Fundraising Illustration
Audience Engagement Illustration
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Graphic representation of a website dashboard

AudienceView Professional is a powerful CRM

We’re trusted by thousands of live events organizations to power their ticketing, marketing and fundraising operations to drive audience engagement. Listen to what Olivia Sather has to say about AudienceView Professional.

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Other key features to explore

Frequently asked questions

Currently, AudienceView Professional is only optimized for the United States and Canada (English only). We look forward to bring this great product to more markets in the future.

Yes, AudienceView Professional is a total box office ticketing software allowing you to sell tickets online as well as at your venue. You can even control where tickets are offered, online only, box office only, or both. All ticket sales work from the same database so there is never a risk of overselling.

Yes you can sell both reserved seating and general admission. Our team of experts on our Client Services team will work with you and your team to build your seating charts that are unique to your venue.

AudienceView Professional works with a variety of organizations and events including immersive experiences, live music venues, exhibitions, conferences, timed entry attractions, museums, festivals, and so many more. There are currently thousands of organizations from around the world that use AudienceView software.

For timed entry events, AudienceView Professional offers a couple of options. You can control inventory for each time slot, including an easy consumer interface to help consumers choose their time. You also have the ability to sell across several entry times into a single inventory to better manage crowds and entry into your venue.

AudienceView’s pricing is tailored to your organization’s needs. Our typical packages use a per ticket model or a fee-based structure. You can get in touch with us about pricing here.

AudienceView Professional offers a very robust CRM and full suite of fundraising tools, including soft credits, pledges and patron tracking, perfect for non profit organizations. We also do not charge any fees for fundraising or donations. Today, 950 non-profit organizations work with AudienceView as their software partner.

Yes, AudienceView Professional is white label. The only branding that is shown to your customers buyers is controlled by you. You can customize your brand for your online ticketer buyers to ensure a seamless only journey. Additionally, you can easily control your branding on all of your email communications such as your pre and post show automated emails.

AudienceView Professional offers a wide variety of financial, patron and attendance reports. All reports are exportable, typically to Excel or CSV format. They can also be customized and in some cases automated. As well, with our simple Google Tag Manager integration, all of your website metrics are also viewable in one place within Google Analytics.

Our all star onboarding team works directly with you to bring your historical data into AudienceView Professional, including advice on how to facilitate your reporting needs going forward.

AudienceView Professional is entirely cloud based. If you have an internet connection and a browser you can work.

As a cloud based system, all you need is an internet connection and a browser.  We support all the current browsers, Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari.  If you need to print thermal tickets or scan barcoded tickets you will need printers or scanners, but there are a variety of options for that.  If you choose to swipe credit cards, print or scan tickets then some additional hardware may be required.

No, AudienceView Professional is not optimized for french-speaking markets. AudienceView Unlimited is available in French, and is currently being used by organizations through French Canada. Please contact to learn more.

Non, à l’heure actuelle AudienceView Professionnel n’est pas optimisé pour le marché francophone. AudienceView Illimité est disponible en français et est actuellement utilisé par plusieurs organisations culturelles à travers le Canada français et au Québec. Veuillez contacter pour en savoir plus.

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