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Sell more than tickets

With our Quick Sell+ tool, all your box office and ticketing management needs are at your fingertips. Easily sell tickets, merchandise, gift cards, or donations. Want to sell tickets and receive donations? No problem. Our universal shopping cart allows you to bundle multiple items in one simple purchase flow.

Our fast-matching functionality ensures new purchases are associated to existing customers – meaning fewer duplicates! And the patron portal allows your clients to see their past purchases, review their information, or create bookings against their membership or flex pass. Or if you’d prefer, patrons can use guest checkout if they’re looking for a quicker checkout experience.

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Sell how you want

AudienceView Professional is cloud based so it’s accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection. With over 99.9% uptime, we help you and your team sell tickets however works best for you: online, over the phone, by email, or at the box office. Selling general admission or reserved seating? Check. You can also easily manage your subscriptions, bundles, or membership renewals with just a few clicks.


Deliver a great patron experience

Providing a great ticket purchase experience is critical to your success. Our white label solution allows you to control and adjust your branding. 

AudienceView Professional provides a mobile responsive interface that ensures easy and intuitive buying journeys.

Flexible ticket package and renewal options

From timed entry ticketing with built-in capacity limits to flexible ticket package options, you can sell how you want while offering flexible options to your patrons. Delight patrons by allowing them to automatically reserve and retain last year’s seats with ease. Generate powerful renewal reports that you can use to create renewal mailings and campaigns.


Success with AudienceView: How Antaeus Theatre Company created a more efficient box office


Simple and efficient event creation

With just a few clicks, you can create a single event or event series and start selling. Add your title, description, and any other relevant venue information. Simply choose whether you’d like general admission and assigned seating. Next, use our drag and drop tool to quickly apply your pricing to the seating chart. Even set up different price zones and dynamically price your events. Once complete, you can save time by copying that series using it again. 

Just like that, you are all set and you can begin promoting your events on your website, social channels or seamlessly publish to millions of people on Theatermania.

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Responsive and timely training and support

While using and getting started is easy, we know each organization is unique and you will have questions. Within AudienceView Professional, you will have all the tools you need to be successful. We offer in-product tips, over 600 on-demand videos and articles, and a step-by-step online training program. We also host regular ask an expert sessions where you and hundreds of other community members can learn how other similar organizations are successfully using AudienceView Professional.

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Bring unforgettable live events to passionate attendees around the world. See how AudienceView can help.

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