AudienceView Spotlight for Unlimited – March 15


Date & time:

March 15, 2023
10:00 am

Spotlight is a real-time app experience that helps you leverage attendee and event data to deliver content and offers to drive revenue and engagement from your audiences. In this 45-minute webinar, we’ll walk you through the patron experience and you’ll engage with them before, during, and after events through automated marketing communications. 

Mike Evenson
Chief Marketing Officer

Once graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Mike has spent his career helping the higher education space from both within and outside universities. He has worked closely with numerous schools, helping innovate and find solutions for campus problems across athletics, arts, fundraising and many other departments. As CMO at AudienceView, he continues to help our thousands of clients solve problems when they inevitably arise.

Derek Mitchell
Lead Product Manager - Higher Education

Derek leads product management and innovation across our higher education products, which includes Campus, Grad and now Campus Flow. He is responsible for understanding the campus landscape and complexities that come with working in the higher ed space. Derek helped package Campus into the only true commencement product in the industry – AudienceView Grad. As Covid-19 changed campuses forever, Derek has led the charge in understanding this new problem set and packaging up a new solution to change the flow on college campuses worldwide.

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