Your guide to upgrading to AudienceView Professional

We know that changing ticketing systems can seem like a daunting task. Rest assured that we have the resources, in-depth training and processes to make your transition a smooth one, and to set you up for success on the AudienceView Professional platform.

To get you started, we’ve created this micro-site so you can better understand the new features you'll have access to, the great things that current AudienceView Professional clients are doing and what’s next as part of your upgrade process.

What will your upgrade process look like?

We're taking a phased approach to your upgrade process, to allow time for you to fully understand and prepare for what's next. The schedule below takes you from the initial learning phase to the contracting phase, which will initiate your upgrade phase. We've created a schedule to give you and your organization the best possible upgrade experience. 

We'll work on data collection, take your team through a comprehensive training program, prepare you and your organization for go-live. Then, once you're live in your new system, we'll celebrate with you as we transition you to our Support team. Our Client Engagement team is ready, and looking forward to partnering with you through this upgrade process.

Announcement emails sent. Learn more about AudienceView Professional and your upgrade process


Pricing Proposals available, Review to start your upgrade process.


Upgrades will begin. Look out for more details and join our live webinars to learn more about AudienceView Professional.

OCT 15

CrowdTorch will be sunset

The benefits of upgrading within the AudienceView family

AudienceView helps you elevate the experience no matter the type of event. Reach more people, engage them and grow lasting relationships. 

Our innovative technology, consumer properties, strategic support and client community help you manage your events, seamlessly. Staying within the AudienceView family will make for a smoother transition as you as you continue to work with people you know and who can provide the consistency you need in your business.

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Consumer communities

In addition to world class software, it’s our unique consumer communities that give you that added boost.

A plethora of tools to grow your audience.

Teams dedicated to shining a spotlight on your industry through curating and creating engagement content that promotes your events.

We engage millions of consumers across our consumer brands that target theater, music, nightlife and comedy throughout North America and the UK.

This audience reach is built into our offering and a competitive advantage for you that only AudienceView can offer.

Strategic support

A client engagement model that is designed to help you in ways only we can.

A client-facing team that is broken down into critical areas of expertise that match your organization.

Industry experts who speak your language and understand your challenges and opportunities.

Self-guided plus expert-led learning and engagement opportunities to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

A strong group of experts that match up with your marketing, fundraising and ticketing professionals.

A team dedicated to scouring data across our clients and consumer properties to create insights that help you make better business decisions.

Extended services

Your customers are part of our family, too. That’s why we offer a call center solution that handles overflow while ensuring a seamless experience.

At live events, anything can happen. Our team of on-site, seasoned professionals stays cool under pressure to keep your big event a success.

From a strategy and operations perspective, We bring insights and analytics to help you build a plan that will align with your business goals.

Client community

Choosing AudienceView means more than just picking a software solution, it means joining a network of live event professionals from 4,500 venues across 15 countries around the world.

Our clients include some of the most renowned theater organizations, higher education institutions and nightlife experiences that are running events and creating memories around the world.

We foster this community by sharing user experiences to drive greater results for your organization.

We bring like-minded event professionals together through conferences and other learning opportunities that let you connect, share best practices and learn together.

Our technology

Our extensive collection of solutions is unmatched in the industry.

For over 20 years, AudienceView has continuously grown and developed.

A technology platform that makes building and releasing features much more efficient.

The ability to respond faster than ever to client needs, and keep our clients on the leading edge of ticketing technology.

Over 99.95% up-time for more than 10 years.

Here are just a few of the organizations that have recently made the transition to AudienceView Professional

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AudienceView is discontinuing CrowdTorch and upgrading clients to AudienceView Professional

On June 21st AudienceView announced that we would be discontinuing the CrowdTorch platform by mid-October 2021 and upgrading clients to AudienceView Professional. This site, along with our upcoming Live Demos will provide you with everything you need to get to know your new ticketing platform as well as what the upgrade process looks like.