AudienceView Professional takes you beyond a traditional ticketing solution

Our new technology platform seamlessly connects with AudienceView Professional making building and releasing features much more efficient. Created with speed and flexibility in mind, AudienceView can respond faster than ever to client needs, and will keep you on the leading edge of ticketing technology.

These industry-leading features include...

Our new technology platform enables us to create an almost endless range of functionality, based on the needs of our clients. Imagine a world where you can immediately benchmark your sales against thousands of other venues, where you can instantly access ready-to-use marketing materials, or where you can collaborate more effectively with the other independent venues in your city. We now have the platform in place to bring that vision to life, starting with these tools that are beyond ticketing.

Listen and learn more on the Unobstructed podcast

Consumer brands integration

Find and engage with new audiences built by AudienceView’s popular consumer brand TheaterMania that has an audience of more than 3 million active theater and live event goers.

Marketing portal

Access multimedia and show details to enhance event messages and campaigns through your own marketing channels.

Live streaming integration ***COMING SOON***

Tools for ticketing and sharing live streaming events along with access to built-in international audiences through AudienceView’s consumer brands.

On this episode of the Unobstructed podcast, AudienceView’s CMO Mike Evenson and CPO Rob Williams discuss the acceleration of AudienceView’s strategic innovation plan, the transition from a product view to a platform view and the ability to more efficiently build and release features that benefit all clients.

Learn about the direction AudienceView took to maximize its investment in resources that rapidly offer client-centric solutions designed to help venues reopen based on new procedures that may need to be introduced due to COVID-19 and other future challenges or opportunities in the industry.

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