Exporting Data and Files from CrowdTorch

We’ve put together this guide to help make sure you gather and export any data you need. Once the CrowdTorch service is shut down you won’t be able to access it again.

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Exporting Mailing List

If you used CrowdTorch to send newsletters, to export your mailing list from your dashboard go to Email & Social Media 

  1. Go to “Manage Email Lists”. 

  1. From the list that you would like to export, click “View” option. 

  1. Select “Download Fan List with Physical Address”. 

The list will be exported in an Excel file. Repeat this process for each mailing list in your account.

Exporting Ticket Buyer Information 

To export all the patrons and their information in your account, from your dashboard go to Reports. 

  1. Select the “Marketing” tab. 

  1. Open the “Mailing List Report”. 

  1. Choose the date range for the events you want to include ticket buyers for on the report. 

  1. Click Search to run the report. 

  1. Select “Download” option on the top.  

The file will be larger than average, and in some cases might be up to 700MB in size. Though Excel will be able to open it, we recommend reducing the size of the file by opening it in Excel and saving it in a different Excel format (CSV).  


Exporting Will-Call Lists for Future Events 

If you have a future event with sales, you may want to export the Will-Call list for each event. From your dashboard, navigate to Attendees. 

  1. Select “Ticket Holders by Event”. 

  1. In the “Upcoming Shows” tab, find the event you need to export 

  1. Hover over the fourth option (a green arrow) and select “Download Ticket List as CSV”. 

If you need barcodes for this event, you can download the barcode list from the same dropdown menu. 

If you have multiple events you’ll need Will-Call lists for, follow the process of “Exporting Ticket Buyer Information” and set the date range of all your upcoming events in this report. 


Exporting Financial Reports 

For any financial reporting, from your dashboard, go to Reports. You’ll be able to access any reports from the “Sales”, “Deferred Revenue” and “Custom” tabs. 

Reporting by Event Date 

  • Show Sales Total: Basic summary of sales and revenue for a specific show or specific shows. If you use your own payment gateway account, this report includes service fees. 

  • Show Sales Total (with SF): This report includes service fees if you use the CrowdTorch payment gateway. 

  • Box Office Report: Summary of all individual orders within an event. Includes all orders, even ones that were refunded or transferred to another event. 

  • Box Office Report (no refunds/transfers): Summary of all individual orders within an event only for active orders. 

  • Deposit Report (By Show): Summary of a single event’s sales with breakdown of payment methods. 

  • Deposits By Show: Summary of event(s) with breakdowns of payment method and sale type. 

Reporting By Transaction Date 

  • Sales By Date: Sales for a date. 

  • Deposit Report (Daily): Summary of transactions by date with payment method breakdown. 

  • Deposit Report (Daily) > Credit Card Transactions: Detailed list of all credit card transactions made on a date. This report may be needed to reconcile with a third-party payment gateway. 

  • Revenue Reconciliation By Date: Transaction details by order amount, includes breakdowns of payment method and sales type.