Meet your new, all-in-one ticketing solution

AudienceView Professional tackles the complexity of running a live events organization, and breaks down silos by providing you with a single tool that supports all of your functions. Ticketing, marketing, fundraising and more, all in one. 

AudienceView Professional is the better way to manage your live events

As the go-to ticketing, marketing and fundraising platform that hundreds of organizations count on, AudienceView Professional is reliable, easy-to-use and can handle everything from the largest on-sales to engaging with important customers.

A robust and reliable platform, AudienceView Professional is the next step in your organization’s ticketing journey with advanced features that will increase your organization’s effectiveness.

All-in-one shopping cart

Increase revenue by selling tickets and merchandise as well as taking donations in a single transaction.

Patron portal

Save time in the box office and improve the patron experience by providing the ability to see tickets, donation history and update their own information online.

Improved reporting

More reliable reports with greater detail. Functionality that facilitates advanced reporting and improves patron management. No more workarounds.

Greater fundraising functionality

Increase regular fundraising revenue with recurring donations, donor pledges and a donor portal. Task management tools ensure the proper development of key donors. Plus, no fees on donations.

Packages, memberships, subscriptions

Flexible options give your patrons more choice and convert single ticket purchasers to loyal customers. Automatically apply benefits to your best customers. Easily roll over audience subscriptions year-to-year.


Create networks of customers and donors with individual, household and institutional records.

Deep patron insights

See your patrons’ entire history with your organization in one place and leverage this insight to increase engagement and make data-driven decisions. Use data, tagging and deep segmentation to act on key opportunities, create targeted offers and fundraising campaigns.

Faster, easier event creation

Intuitive tools, including copy series functionality, that save hours of effort when building new shows and seasons.

Dynamic pricing

Change pricing with our drag and drop functionality, allowing you to price on the fly even when an event is on sale. Plus more flexible pricing options to start (you're not confined to just 4 tiers).


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Box Office Efficiency

Improve your box office efficiency with fewer duplicate records and easier de-duping with an improved records matching system, plus a patron self-service portal that means fewer calls to your box office.

Ticketing with AudienceView Professional

From a branded customer buying experience to event ticket sales and fundraising, AudienceView Professional is your all-in-one ticketing, marketing, CRM and fundraising software.

Rock your live events

Easy presale management, dynamic pricing and merchandising upsells are just some of the main reasons why music venues choose AudienceView Professional.

Reporting with AudienceView Professional

Get detailed reports on ticket sales, patrons and campaigns to help you and your organization make better decisions. Track the revenue from an event or show and schedule automated email reports.

CRM with AudienceView Professional

Having a CRM that connects seamlessly with your ticket sales and fundraising data is critical for any live event organization. With detailed ticket buyer and donor profiles, you can segment and run campaigns easily using your CRM data.