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We’ve entered uncharted territory when it comes to the campus experience. Large gatherings and interactions are forever changed and campuses are faced with finding a solution to this unprecedented and complex situation. If schools wish to build the trust of their students (and parents of students), they must solve the challenge of bunching.

What is bunching? It’s the not-so-technical term when you have facilities and spaces on campus that have no rules or process around access, capacity and flow. They’re usually first-come, first-serve and are self-policed. A new campus experience must evolve and remove the bunching problem.

This is why we created AudienceView Campus Flow.

Mike Evenson
Chief Marketing Officer

Once graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Mike has spent his career helping the higher education space from both within and outside universities. He has worked closely with numerous schools, helping innovate and find solutions for campus problems across athletics, arts, fundraising and many other departments. As CMO at AudienceView, he continues to help our thousands of clients solve problems when they inevitably arise.

Derek Mitchell
Lead Product Manager - Higher Education

Derek leads product management and innovation across our higher education products, which includes Campus, Grad and now Campus Flow. He is responsible for understanding the campus landscape and complexities that come with working in the higher ed space. Derek helped package Campus into the only true commencement product in the industry – AudienceView Grad. As Covid-19 changed campuses forever, Derek has led the charge in understanding this new problem set and packaging up a new solution to change the flow on college campuses worldwide.

What to expect

Mike and Derek will provide an overview of how AudienceView Campus Flow was conceptualized based on the challenges that have been identified through this pandemic, along with the core components of our higher education suite of products that is uniquely positioned to solve these problems.

We will walk through the product capabilities at a high level to give you a better sense of really how simple it will be to introduce to both your campus facilities as well as your student body. Our goal is for you to walk away from this webinar with a renewed sense of confidence that there is a solution out there that fits the emerging problems of bringing your students back. We’ll help you build that trust, confidence and safety you require to move forward with the fall semester.

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