SUNY Oswego Launches AudienceView Campus Flow


SUNY Oswego has launched a collaborative, full campus approach to welcome students, staff and faculty back this fall. AudienceView Campus Flow, a comprehensive solution designed to easily manage student reservations and access to high traffic locations, will serve as the core technology to help them re-open campus wide in the safest way possible.

Watch Sean Moriarty (CTO at SUNY Oswego) and Mike Evenson (CMO at AudienceView) to learn how SUNY Oswego arrived at the decision to implement AudienceView Campus Flow.

The State University of New York at Oswego is a public college that is part of the SUNY system, the largest comprehensive system of universities, colleges, and community colleges in the United States.

Mike Evenson
Chief Marketing Officer

Once graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Mike has spent his career helping the higher education space from both within and outside universities. He has worked closely with numerous schools, helping innovate and find solutions for campus problems across athletics, arts, fundraising and many other departments. As CMO at AudienceView, he continues to help our thousands of clients solve problems when they inevitably arise.

Sean Moriarty
Chief Technology Officer

Sean Moriarty came to SUNY Oswego from the University of Windsor, Canada in April 2013. His professional association with Windsor’s IT Services began in 1986 serving as a computing consultant.

He joined the Information Technology management team in 1999 and served as manager Client Support, assistant director, Client Support and acting executive director. Moriarty holds a bachelor of science in Math and Computer Science, a bachelor of commerce, and an M.B.A from the University of Windsor.

In his role as Chief Technology Officer, Sean provides leadership for the continued development of a client-centred, robust and secure campus technology environment to advance the university’s strategic goals. The primary responsibility of this position is the planning, development and use of technology in support of SUNY Oswego’s vision of excellence and goal of being a learner-centered environment.

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